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Mombasa Tourism Innovation Lab

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The Mombasa innovation lab, hosted at Swahilipot Hub Foundation, seeks to inspire the interest of opportunity youth in Mombasa in culture and heritage tourism as a means of Job creation. The logic of change is underpinned by this quote from the Cabinet secretary Tourism and Wildlife.

It is no longer possible for travel and tourism providers, or destinations, to continue in a “business as usual” model or mind-set. Innovation and change coupled with agility and ability to respond are critical for success today and into the future.

The inexistence of a structured way to innovate and scale new tourism products that entice the modern youthful traveller, who is more interested in the experience and less on the physical possessions, has led to reduction of touristic numbers.

With support from the European Union, Camoes IP, Jumuia ya county Za Pwani, and the Go-Blue project to incubate innovative ideas in cultural and heritage tourism in Mombasa county.

Objectives of the Mombasa Tourism Innovation Lab

  • Create jobs for young people by developing new tourism products that are yet to be developed.
  • Become a vehicle to incubate grassroot tourism ideas in Mombasa county.
  • Develop research and key data points for advancement of the Tourism Industry.
  • Contribute in rejuvenating the coastal tourism product.

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We are receiving proposals from organizations and business in tourism, hospitality, and cultural heritage that can benefit from the pilot.

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