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We engage and empower youths to enable them unleash their full potential.

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Swahilipot Hub's key mandate is to empower the community through creative innovation.

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Swahilipot Hub
Strategic Objectives

Swahilipot’s approach to meaningful youth engagement and empowerment is guided by 3 outcome goals/strategic objectives.

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Enhancing Youth Civic Participation and Community Impact

  • Providing safe and conducive spaces for youth to engage in civic activities and express their ideas.
  • Offering holistic support systems, including mentorship programs, to empower youth and enhance their skills for community involvement
  • Ensuring access to social services that address the needs of young people and enable them to actively participate in social change initiatives.
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Strengthening Partnerships and Collaborations for Youth Empowerment

  • Fostering partnerships between various stakeholders, such as government institutions, NGOs, and community organizations, to create a comprehensive support system for youth.
  • Collaborating with different sectors to increase opportunities for young people, such as education, employment, and entrepreneurship.
  • Catalyzing systemic change by bringing together diverse actors to collectively address issues affecting youth and create sustainable solutions.
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Promoting Positive Youth Development and Building Capacities

  • Implementing youth development programs that focus on nurturing the skills, capacities, and agency of young individuals.
  • Offering opportunities for young people to develop their talents, interests, and strengths through a range of activities and initiatives.
  • Equipping young people with assets, including knowledge, networks, and resources, to enhance their personal growth, leadership abilities, and long-term success.

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Programs and Activities

Technology and Innovation

Pwani Innovation Week: Showcasing coastal Kenya's technology and innovation. Innovation challenges and hackathons: Collaborative events solving problems with technology. Technology academy: Training in networking, software development, and digital literacy. Coding contests: Showcasing coding skills.


Pitching Thursday offers a platform for entrepreneurs to present their ideas and receive expert feedback. Info Sessions provide guidance and resources for aspiring business owners. Advisory services, technical assistance, and linkages offer support in finance and market connections. Startup School provides comprehensive training for successful startup ventures.

Creatives and Arts

Pwani Gat Talent offers local artists a platform to showcase their skills. CASIK provides dedicated spaces for creative expression. Friday Poetry is a regular event for poets and spoken word artists to perform. Koo Store serves as a creative hub and marketplace for artists and designers to sell their unique creations.


MoHoA preserves and celebrates modern African cultural heritage. Heritopolis promotes preservation and documentation of heritage sites. Youth.Heritage.Africa engages youth in heritage conservation. Ode to the Ancestors is a cultural event honoring community heritage.

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“ I needed a place to meet fellow nerds and work together, Swahilipot had both the space and the people I needed to help me grow as a Software Developer ”
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Frequently Asked Questions

Swahilipot Hub is an innovation and technology hub located in Mombasa, Kenya. It serves as a community-driven space that promotes technology, entrepreneurship, and skills development in the coastal region of Kenya.
SwahiliPot Hub offers a range of programs and services, including training workshops, mentorship programs, networking events, access to co-working spaces, and maker labs. These initiatives aim to empower individuals by providing them with the necessary resources and skills to participate in the digital economy.
Swahilipot Hub is open to entrepreneurs, developers, creatives, and anyone interested in technology and innovation. It caters to individuals who are looking to enhance their digital skills, collaborate on projects, and connect with like-minded individuals in the tech ecosystem.
Yes, Swahilipot Hub welcomes visitors who are interested in learning more about their initiatives and the local tech ecosystem. You can visit the hub to attend events, participate in workshops, or simply network with professionals in the field. SwahiliPot Hub promotes an inclusive and vibrant community where individuals can exchange ideas and explore opportunities in technology and innovation.